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Starting from the positive and active role played by the Holding Pharmaceutical company and its subsidiaries in the field of drugs manufacture in the Egyptian Market whereas its role is completed as being one of the drug castles in the Egyptian Market with exporting its products to a lot of world countries.

Since the subsidiaries of the Holding Pharmaceutical Company have all elements and essentials that make them qualified to export their products with various pharmaceutical groups whether from human drugs or veterinary drugs or medical equipment and solutions manufactured according to the latest world standards, such system is completed with getting the most worldly approved certificated by such companies.


Making the Egyptian Medicine reach every part of the world.


Providing pharmaceutical products produced by The Subsidiaries of the Holding Company whether human or veterinary products or medical equipment or solutions to the various countries with competitive prices and highest quality to treat all endemic, traditional and new diseases.

Strategic Goals:

1- getting a high exporting share from among the Egyptian Pharmaceutical companies.

2- Horizontal and vertical expansion in the  exporting markets.

3- Taking care of satisfying the needs of the neighboring countries, particularly those representing a strategic depth for Egypt.

Along with the leading role played by Egypt to support the African Countries, Export Department at The Holding Pharmaceutical Company cooperate with The Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development at The ministry of Foreign Affairs and send aids including human medicines and medical equipment to a lot of countries such as (Malawi, Eritrea, Siri Leon, Ethiopia, Cameron, Cote D'ivoire, Togo, South Sudan, and other African countries) such activity will be extended to include some Asian countries.

Since the state policy at the current time represents in uniting with all force to increase the export rates to increase the state resources from the hard currency, the Holding Pharmaceutical Company seeks to make a horizontal expansion by opening new exporting markets through new agents from markets like South Sudan, North Korea, Burkina Faso, Chad, Benin, Tanzania, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Siri Leon, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nigeria.            

The commercial representation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at these countries presents help and all support to the Holding Company.

With respect to the countries with currently open markets, we seek diligently to make a vertical expansion by increasing the number of the exported products for which we make a detailed and thorough survey and revise all registration conditions and get the best competitive prices qualifying us to enter the bids or the private sector. We actually export our products to Mali, Senegal, Cameron, Iraq, Mozambique, Mauritius.

In addition, we revive the old markets such as Azerbaijan, Libya, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Myanmar.

The company proceeds forward in the exporting businesses so that it can achieve the targets needed to raise the name and the reputation of the Egyptian Medicine throughout the world countries.

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