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An integrated strategy for the advancement of the Drug Holding Company
11 Aug 2018



Hisham Tawfiq, Minister of Public Business Sector, Instructed Drug Holding Company and Subsidiaries, to take immediate actions to restructure administration, improve information systems, costs, prepare marketing plans and open new foreign markets. He stressed the importance of developing an urgent plan for human resources development, , In parallel with the development plan and injecting the necessary investments to modernize the production lines taking into account the compatibility with the requirements of GMP.

This came during the meeting of the Minister with the Board of Directors of the Drug Holding Company headed by Dr. Ahmed Hijazi, a number of heads of subsidiaries and members of the General Assembly of the Holding Company and representatives of employees, in addition to dr. Ahmed Tahir, an expert in marketing and management consulting, to discuss the development of an integrated strategy for the Drug Holding Company for Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Medical Supplies and its subsidiaries. The Minister pointed out to discuss with the Ministry of Health on ways to address the pricing process and how to pay the dues of the affiliated companies to a number of government agencies, To contribute to solving the problem of liquidity of companies, especially the two commercial companies and rebalancing the financial structure. The Minister stressed the importance of introducing new products to achieve an appropriate profit margin with the need to work to reduce the debts and accrued receivables between the affiliated companies.

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