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The National Bank and HoldiPharma sign a cooperation protocol
08 Feb 2020


Yahya Abu El Fotouh, Vice Chairman of the National Bank of Egypt and Dr. Mohamed Saad Abdel Samad, Chairman and Managing Director of Holdi Pharma Marketing and Export Company, signed a cooperation protocol aimed at supporting pharmacies, medical centers, hospitals, laboratories and radiology centers that fall under the umbrella of small and medium projects


The signing was attended by Dr. Ahmed Hegazy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of holdipharma, Mamdouh Afia, President of the Small and Medium Enterprises Group, Sharif Riyadh, Head of the Banking Credit Group for Companies and Syndicated Loans, and the two working groups of the Bank's Small and Medium Enterprises Group and HoldiPharma Company.

Dr. Ahmed Hegazy expressed his happiness in cooperation with the National Bank of Egypt, the largest financial institution in Egypt and the most supportive of projects that directly affect the needs of the Egyptian citizen, especially the pharmaceutical industries, which the state gives great attention especially in light of development plans and what Egypt Vision 2030 includes in support of health care and provision The best medical services for the Egyptian citizen, which prompted  Holdipharma Company for Medicines to develop and implement an ambitious plan to develop its pharmaceutical companies.

For his part, Dr. Mohamed Saad Abdel Samad stressed that the protocol enhances the commitment of  holdipharma company and its subsidiary companies to provide the best medical products and services to their customers from pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, radiology centers and analysis laboratories, as the number of pharmacies dealing with the subsidiaries of  holdipharma company reached about 30 thousand pharmacies, while sales of the company The Republic of  Holdipharma Company for Medical Equipment and Supplies 4.2 billion pounds.

The company also aims to expand its activity in cooperation with the National Bank of Egypt, where the company nominates all the medical entities and projects that are required to be funded in order to study funding requests, provided that the company undertakes to provide the needs of those projects in the form of medical and chemical preparations, medical equipment

yahya Abul Fotouh said that the protocol comes to emphasize the bank's strategic direction in supporting and developing micro, small and medium enterprises in all economic activities, with a special focus on activities that affect the basic needs of citizens and that come at the forefront of health care projects, where through the protocol will study the possibility Provide the necessary financing for the purchase of the pharmaceuticals, equipment, medical equipment and chemicals provided by HoldiPharma for Marketing and Export, while ensuring the speedy implementation of these projects.

He explained that HoldiPharma Company is the marketing and commercial arm of the Holding Company for Medicines, which provides the necessary financing for the company's customers from pharmacies, medical centers, hospitals, laboratories and radiology centers after fulfilling the prescribed conditions

Adding that the bank’s portfolio of direct and indirect small and medium loans amounted to about 64 billion EGP for about 74 thousand projects, which is planned to increase to 100 billion EGP by the end of next year, which confirms the bank’s interest in the file of those projects because of its positive impact on the implementation of the state’s development plans and provision More job opportunities.

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