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Medicines Holding: We are not a party to the crisis of high alcohol prices ...
17 Mar 2020
 The Holdipharma Company for Medicines
 a public business sector company, denied what was published by the Medicines Division of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce
that The Subsidiaries of the  holdipharma company increased the price of alcohol to exploit the needs of citizens.
  Dr. Ahmed Hegazy, the head of the holdipharma company, said that we are not a party to the crisis and we have not issued any decisions that would increase the prices of alcohol in the markets,
 explaining that the reason for increasing prices in pharmacies is due to citizens' appetite for obtaining alcohol packages,
 taking into account that everything that was sold to pharmacies In the recent period of various distribution channels, it was supplied by citizens seeking to buy.
  One of the subsidiaries of the Holdipharma Company obtains alcohol with a concentration of 95% from the Sugar Company in Al-Hammadiya and converts it within its factories to a concentration of 70%,
 which is the standard ratios for its use as an external Disinfectant

  Hegazy said in a statement today that this company has exhausted
 its full annual stake and the request for renewal is underway to obtain additional quantities to meet the needs of citizens during this period.
  The chairman of the Holdipharma company pointed out that his company is keen to play its role at the time,
 so coordination has been made between one of its subsidiaries and the chemical warfare authority to provide it with 70% alcohol,
in implementation of the country's directives to confront the spread of the Corona virus.
  Hejazi praised the decision of the Ministry of Trade and Industry to ban the export of alcohol, adding that this decision will contribute effectively to controlling markets.
  On the other hand, one of the subsidiaries of the Holding Company organizes the sale of the citizens
 in coordination with the supervisory authorities and the Egyptian Medicines Authority to ensure no monopoly and speculation in prices,
as was directed to sell isopropyl alcohol to the United Company "Acoma" to meet the needs of the army and the state of detergents and disinfectants.
 The Holdipharma Company for Medicines confirmed that there are other alcohol producers other than the Sugar Company in El-Hawamia and there is no interaction between it
and the Holdipharma Company, and this confirms that pharmacies obtain alcohol products from multiple sources other than the subsidiaries of the Holding Company for Medicines.
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