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El-Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals company

El-Nasr Pharmaceutical Chemicals company had been constructed in 1960. The main objective to establish this company is to secure the Arab countries' strategic needs from pharmaceutical raw materials, chemicals and antibiotics that should be available permanently because of its strategic importance  as a primary material needed by drug industry.

In May 1964, the Egyptian Ex- former President "Gamal Abdel Nasser" and the Soviet Ex-former President "Khruchouf" paid a visit to open the company that was considered as the primary nucleus planted for the city of medicine.

Thus; since then, the production of raw materials and basic chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry was realized for the first time in Egypt and the entire region.

Nasr Company for Pharmaceutical Chemicals is distinguished as the primary one in Egypt, Middle East and Africa because of its uniqueness in the production of organic and non-organic pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicine and veterinary raw materials, In addition to the production of  parenteral and dialysis solutions , dialysis  filters and the needed medical appliances necessary for packaging of large volume parenteral.

The company is keen to update and modernize their production lines regularly in accordance to the latest requirements of GMP and Egyptian Ministry of Healthguidelines.

The company is actively interested in exportation of its products to many Arab and African markets. 

Board Members:

Dr/ Mohamed Abdel Wahab Abdel Hameed          Chairman of The Board & Managing Director                           

Dr/ Salem Sadek Abo Elmaaty                         Managing Technical Director For Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Products

Mr/Mohamed Abd elohed Ahmed Soliman        Non-Executive Member

Mr/ Mohamed Mahmoud Soliman                     Elected Member

Mr/ Mohamed Abd Elmaksoud                          Elected Member

Audit Committee:

Eng/ Mahmoud Hamza Gamal Eldin           Head

Eng/ Adel Bayomi Auda                            Member

 Dr/ Maha Mahmoud Salah Eldin               Member


Company Main Indicators (in thousands of Egyptian Pounds)

Indicator 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Net Operating Revenue 276854 447148 465747
Interest Expenses 27829 42154 23040
Net Income (127676) (85721) 80874
Net Equity 26828 (69402) 5984
Working Capital (106471) (156978) (273346)
Total Investment 726202 741644 777435
Salaries 189277 205642 208681
Number of workers 2544 2403 2283

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