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Kahira Co. for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries was established in 1962 after the integration of three small facilities working in the production of pharmaceutical products (Alpha – Douche – C-pharm) then Beida was joined to this entity later on, they all constituted a concise and limited entity upon that time.

Since 1962, the government decided to expand this entity to be a well-established large scale manufacturing facility and to conclude other production lines for almost all the pharmaceutical dosage forms, to fulfill the extra production demands needed for local market and for most of the Arab countries.

Kahira pharmaceutical company was distinguished as the first one between drug companies in the production of soft gelatin capsules, and the production of Syrups, Lotions, sterile and non-sterile drops, dry powders and granules, ointments and pastes.

The company has a unique sterile dedicated area for the production of cephalosporins that was established by the aid of American expertise and in accordance to the latest international guidelines.

Board Members

Dr/ Afaf  Elmoatzbellah  Outhman                 Chairman of the Board Managing Director of the Board

Mr/ Yaser Farook El Masry                                Non Executive Member

Mr/ Ahmed mohamed abotaleb                          Non Executive Member

Mrs/ Nser Sobhy Hafez                                     Non Executive Member

Mrs/Mona Mohamed Ebrahem

Mrs/ Manal elfrmaoy                                    Elected  Member 

Mr/ Adel Helal                                             Elected  Member

Mrs/ Shouk mohamed                                  Elected  Member

Mr/ Mohamed elshhat                                   Elected  Member

Audit Committee:

Dr/ Ahmed mohamed abotaleb                                  Chairman

Mr/ Naser sobhy hafiz                                              Member

Mr/ Yaser Farook El Masry                                         Member

Company Main Indicators (in thousands of Egyptian Pounds)

Indicator 2016-2017 2017-2018 2018-2019
Net Operating Revenue



Interest Expenses 0 0 0
Net Income 97920 450108 85170
Net Equity 521182 373580 603664
Working Capital 432297 238431 453935
Total Investment 830209 844585 608934
Salaries 163304 437174 202241
Number of workers 2627 2502 2492

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