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Arab drug company for pharmaceuticals was established in 1963, It is an Egyptian joint venture company having  a long history of achievements since its foundation as it is considered as one of the leading companies in pharmaceutical drug manufacturing in Egypt and the Arab world.

Adco Co. has a unique competitive advantage for being the first producer and a specialized pioneer for the production of inhalers and sprays in Egypt and the Middle East.

The aerosoles manufacturing line was primarily founded in early nineties and was using Freon gas as a carrying base in its production, but in year 2006, Egypt had  signed on "Montréal  agreement" for fighting environmental damage caused by Freon , since that commitment, the company has worked hard to exchange this gas to another environmentally  friend one, and assigned all the items stated in this agreement, by a  successful collaboration with UNIDO association that aided the company with technology transfer supported by international experts assigned from Cardiff  University in England and the Italian company "Ferry" with the Advisory consultation Group 12 C.

The company is developing another new section for the production of "Metered Dose Inhalers" in accordance to the latest GMP guidelines and the national requirements of the Egyptian Ministry of Health , it was successfully approved and licensed and began its actual production lately in December 2010 beside its old production of traditional inhalers used internally by inhalation or externally as topical anesthetic sprays or topical antibiotic spray "Polybiotic Spray", which is used widely for patients with burns and for surgical wounds.

The company is planning to double its production from inhalers and sprays by establishing another production line to cover all the Egyptian market and export demands, this planning will be carried out totally and side by side with the renovation and modernization of other production lines such as tablets, capsules, ointments, creams, suppositories and syrups.

Members of the Board

Dr/ Osama Mostafa Abdel Baset                  Chairman of the Board and Managing Director

 Dr/ Ahmed hamdy abas                               Non-Executive Member

Dr/ Ayman Ali Osman                                 Non-Executive Member

Dr/ Naglaa shamey gerges                          Non-Executive Member

 Mr/ Esam Eldin mohamed ali                       Member of the Board acting as representative of the Shareholders

Dr/ Usama Mohamed Ali                             Elected Member

Mr/ Mohamed  Nabil Mosilhi                         Elected Member

Mr/ Mohamed Elsayed Abbas                   Elected Member

Mr/ Ahmed Saeed Abd Elhakim                Elected Member

Audit Committee:

Dr/ Ahmed hamdy abas                           Non-Executive Experienced Member               (Head)

Dr/ Naglaa shamey gerges                          Non-Executive  Experienced Member

Dr/ Ayman Ali Osman                                  Non-Executive Experienced Member                        

Company Main Indicators   (in thousands of Egyptian Pounds)

Indicator 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018
Net Operating Revenue 250173 339033 382929
Interest Expenses 1781 319 871
Net Income 14455 35117 39466
Net Equity 107059 135351 146235
Working Capital 66649 61794 87802
Total Investment 118805 260446 274689
Salaries 86526 93077 89043
Number of workers 1320 1295 1261
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