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   Memphis Co. for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries was founded in April 1940 during World War II in consequence to the appearance of huge shortage of  medicine in Egypt as it was out sourced totally from the European countries at that time.

Starting from the beginning of this war till it ends, the company began to build its primary factory in Zeiton district and tried to equip it with the latest automatic machines and scientific devices in accordance to the latest automation in the pharmaceutical industry at that time.

To apply the new development pursued by  Memphis Company, it was an urgent decision to expand horizontally and transfer the facilities with all the manufacturing sites to another industrial area as large as 16 acres area in Amirya district with the evolving of quality system guidelines in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The company has built the first sterile area in the Middle East for the production of sterile ampoules and ointments beside establishing a highly sophisticated facility for medicinal plant extracts that were exported to several countries in Asia, Europe, America and Canada, in addition to production of various pharmaceutical dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, syrups, ointments, creams , suppositories and veterinary products.

Memphis Co. now is an Egyptian joint venture company, 60% of the working capital is state-owned by Holding Company and the rest 40% is owned as public shares by a number of shareholders and part of it is owned by a labor union of the company.

The company owns three patency's certificates for its three unique extracts produced by the company (Amodin, amidine, Khellin) as well as three patent inventions for the treatment of patients with vitiligo, psoriasis and urinary tract complications.

The company's products and the facility daily systems are continuously subjected to complete quality control monitoring system to control all the steps of production and that includes the latest calibration schedule for all the devices and tools used during various operating stages. Memphis Company contributes to the national project scheduled by the Egyptian MOH for the treatment of liver diseases (virus C) by presenting "Pegferon" the main similar to the patent one long-acting interferon.

The company's products are mainly introduced from the Egyptian export market with a large number of unique products as well as Memphis got the right of manufacturing a large number of under-licensed pharmaceutical products owned by many international companies because of its famouslong and well-trained expertise and unique capabilities in the field of pharmaceutical Industry.

Board Members:

Dr/ Abla Yousef Abdel allah hassan                                                   Chairman of the Board & Managing Director

Dr/Alaa Eldeen Salah Khalil                                                                 Non Executive Member

Mr/ Ahmed Ata  Abdelaal                                                                     Non   Executive Member

Dr/ Maha Mohamed slim                                                                       Non Executive Member

Mrs/ Omayma Ateya Abo Eleneen                                                       Acting as representative of the shareholders

Dr/ Sagy Anwar Abdel Shakoor                                                                Elected Member

Mr/ Mohsen Darweesh Mostafa                                                                       Elected Member  

Mr/ Salem Mohamed Salem                                                                             lected Member

Mr/ Abdel Hakim Farook Abdel Aziz                                                                 Elected Member

Audit Committee:

Mr/ Samir Ahmed Megahed                                                           Member of the Board of Directors              (President)

Dr/ Maysara Zain Elabedeen                                                           Non-Executive Member

Dr/ Karim Mohsen El Batran                                                            Non-Executive Member


Company Main Indicators (in thousands of Egyptian Pounds)

Indicator 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018
Net Operating Revenue 357795 250213 343356
Interest Expenses 0 0 794
Net Income 730 (34083) (46736)
Net Equity 62006 27923 (34133)
Working Capital 1282 (29400) (83883)
Total Investment 63240 375244
Salaries 97317 100880 105996
Number of workers 1777 1712 1626

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