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Chemical Industries Development(CID)

Chemical Industries Development (CID) Company was established in April 1947. It was built at Al- haram  area next to the Sphinx and the three pyramids , this location was typically assuring the continuity of the Egyptians giving throughout all ages and describes how much the greatness of Egypt by tying our bright present with our great ancient history.

CID Co. continuously adds to its records of challenge, to prove its importance as one of  the first companies that  knocked on the Upper Egypt by establishing its second Facility in Assiut in December 1962 over an area about 14 acres, in order to meet the increasing demands of medicines in the upper Egypt and to be the practical school by training the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Assiut University, where scientific research should be applied with work experience, so this factory became like a citadel of science and training in addition to being the first and largest National pharmaceutical facility in the Upper Egypt, now it is currently under renovation in accordance to the requirements of the Ministry of Health to increase its production capacity and to be complying with current GMP.

The company is the leading one responsible for providing the needs of MOH in Egypt, as it is obligated to participate in the national projects adopted by the Egyptian MOH, including the project for Mother and Child Health, project for preventing dehydration and diarrhea in newborns, and project of family planning.

The company is also unique for having the largest and most modern facility for the production of effervescent tablets with the latest international technologies, also unique for having a dedicated sterile zone for production of male and female sex Hormones in different types and forms for example: water and oily ampoules, in addition to the presence of the largest fully sophisticated line for the production of syrups and suspensions.

Many multinational pharmaceutical companies granted CID Co. with great confidence by manufacturing their products under license in CID. Besides, the company is considered as one of the leading Egyptian pharmaceutical companies in the field of exportation as its products are already marketed within more than 40 Arabian, African and Asian countries.


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Board Members

Dr/  Ahmed mohamed abo taleb                         Managing Director

  Dr/ Mahmoud amr abdelhamed                          Chairman Of The Board 

Dr/ Fathy Ibrahem                                   Member

Dr/ Ahmed  nomer ahmed                      Member



Audit Committee


Dr/ Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Abo Taleb                                  Chairman

Dr/ Fathy Ibrahem   Abdallah                                      Member

Dr/ Ahmed Mohamed Nomer                                    Member

Mr/ Magdy Farouk Saad                                         Member

Company Main Indicators (in thousands of Egyptian Pounds)

Indicator 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
Net Operating Revenue 602753 617607 801754
Interest Expenses 0 379 2308
Net Income 41214 15186 51088
Net Equity 251194 288189 331302
Working Capital 171352 177146 228271
Total Investment 586235 614995 670368
Salaries 176233 192591 219137
Number of workers 2743 2647 2601
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