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Alexandria for drugs : An investment of 128.7 million pounds in development work
    • Dr. Alaa Draz, Chairman and Managing Director of Alexandria for drugs Company,
      confirmed that during the past five years, the company has achieved significant growth in activity revenues,
      as it reached 829 million pounds in 2018/2019, compared to 382.9 million pounds for the year 2015/2014,
      with a growth rate of 216.5% The company aims during the year 2020/2919 to achieve about one billion and five million pounds.
      He pointed out that the company was able during the last five years to implement investments of about 128.7 million pounds,
      in the development of the tablets division, the beverage department and the retail area,
      as well as the development of the laboratory building and the microbiological laboratory,
      so that they are compatible with the specifications required for good manufacturing assets GMP.  
       Alaa Draz added to "elyoum elsabea" that the company targets growth in the value of production for 2019/2018 by about 802.7 million pounds,
      compared to 400.8 million pounds for the year 2015/2014, and with a growth rate of 200.3%,
       and the company targets during the year 2020/2019 about one billion pounds.     
        He pointed out that the company aims to grow net profit after tax for 2019/2018 by about 112.8 million pounds, compared to 59.5 million pounds for the year 2015/2014,
       with a growth rate of 190%, and the company targets about 147 million pounds in the year 2020/2019.    
         He emphasized that the company currently produces dental anesthesia (Alexadricaine) similar to imported anesthesia,
      and is characterized by the presence of more than one concentration,
      as it is appropriate for different conditions of patients, in addition to the production of dental anesthesia (Mebakin green - Mebakin red).In 2019/2018,
    •  the company applied to register in the Ministry of Health
       with a group of modern products that are characterized by a large market share and advanced technology to keep pace with the changing market
       needs and enhance the competitive strength of the company in various markets.
    • Alexandria for drugs Company was established in 1962 and aims to achieve the concept of drug security for the Egyptian citizen
      without neglecting to achieve good profitability that preserves the company's entity,
       its strength and its ability to compete in various local and global markets.
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