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Minister of Business Sector: Restructuring the investment portfolio of the companies
13 Jan 2018


Khalid Badawi, the new Minister of Public Business Sector, said that the file of developing and improving the performance of holding companies and their subsidiaries is a top priority for the coming period.

Badawi added that the focus during the coming period will be on the restructuring of the portfolio of companies belonging to the Ministry of Public Business sector, so that it can be fully utilized, to have a stronger performance to benefit the sector, noting that he will take over his duties in his office officially tomorrow Monday.

The House of Representatives had approved earlier  today in the majority of its members in its emergency plenary session on the ministerial reshuffle contained in the book of the President of the Republic to Parliament after consultation with the Prime Minister, which included 4 new ministers.

The ministerial reshuffle included the assignment  of Major General Abu Bakr Mahmoud al-Jundi as Minister of Local Development, Minister of Culture Inas Mustafa Abdel-Dayem, Khaled Mohammed Badawi as Minister of Public Business sector , and Dr. Rania Al-Mashat, Minister of Tourism.

 The Council also approved the assignment of the President of the Republic, Asim Al-Jazzar as Deputy Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities for Urban Planning Affairs, and Tariq Mohammed Tawfiq Amin as Deputy Minister of Health and Population.

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