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Captain Mohammed Wanees, one of the heroes of the glorious October War
07 Dec 2017

In the framework of the joint initiative of the Home Land protection party and the Friends of the Warrior association to search for each individual fighter who participated in the glorious October War, Captain Mohamed Wanees was honored as one of the heroes of the armed forces. From January 1968 to May 1974 he served as an officer in the Air Force Signal Corps He was the youngest commander at the age of 21, where he graduated from the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University in 1967. He was 20 years old and the party and the society gave him a shield and a certificate of appreciation. Mohammed Wanees said that the January 1968 batch was the first batch of high qualifications to join the armed forces. It contributed effectively to the preparation of the October victory through the war of attrition. It was a unique experience under the leadership of Major General Rifat Wehbe and Major General Mahrous Abu Hussein. Qualities that weigh the leader in civilian life.

It is worth mentioning that the accountant Mohamed Wanees worked in the Central Auditing Organization for more than forty years and served as the first agent of the agency and was considered the second man in the device for many years after the consultant Jawdat Al-Malt head of the device and currently holds the position of president of the Drug Holding Company followed by eleven subsidiaries in the field of pharmaceutical industries and supplies Which is a safe haven for the Simple Egyptian patient.

Major General Mustafa Saad Obeid, Assistant to the President of the Homat El Watan Party, Major General Sami Al-Kholi, Vice President of the Friends of the Warrior Society, Major General Ahmed Anis, Party Advisor in Giza, Hossam Al Shaer, Secretary of the Secretariat of the Pyramid, Representative of the Egyptian Tribes, Al-Sherbini and Major Samir Noah from the group of Martyr Ibrahim Rifai Commander of the Thunder forces and Dr. Elham Khaled Secretary of membership of the party and Dr. Hazem Matar Professor at the Faculty of Social Work Helwan University - and Engineer Amr Qatami President of the Foundation Qatami in Egypt

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