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The Minister of the Business Sector is following up implementation plan
18 Jul 2017


In the framework of regular meetings to follow up the implementation of the reform and development plans of the subsidaries of the Drug Holding Company, one of the companies of the Ministry of Public Works Sector, Dr. Ashraf Al-Sharkawi, Minister of Public Business Sector, held a meeting with the heads of drug production companies in the presence of Mr. Mohamed Wanis the chairman of the Drug Holding Company.

During the meeting, the Minister listened to the presentation by the Chairmans  of Misr Pharmaceutical Industries and the development of the chemical industries, CID , on the current situation of the factories and production lines, in addition to the key performance indicators, procedures for compliance with GMP requirements and international standards related to the pharmaceutical industry , Each company's plan for restructuring and performance development, as well as companies' efforts in exploiting unutilized assets.

During the meeting, a statement was made on the urgent needs of  the companies, their operational position and the investments required to complete some projects to achieve international standards.

In this context, Al-Sharqawi pointed out the need to accelerate the improvement of the method of follow-up of the registration process of the products as the delay may take several years in the files of some products in a number of companies, stressing the above recommended by the recent General Assembly of the Drug Holding Company in this regard, Plans to exploit unutilized assets.

He also stressed the importance of using non-bank financing alternatives and optimizing the use of corporate assets to provide financing for targeted development and the need to change the old concepts of corporate management in resorting to relying on the Drug holding company Financial Loans without payingback these loans later.

On the other hand, the Minister directed Memphis Pharmaceuticals to improve the company's indicators, which showed a decrease in profits during the last period, and to apply the internal audit and control systems in the company in accordance with the ministerial decisions issued in this regard and to deal with any violations or irregularities according to the rules And the procedures followed decisively.



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