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New chairman of Drug Holding Co.
08 May 2017

Mr.Mohamed Wanis

Dr. Ashraf Al-Sharkawi, Minister of Public Business Sector, has accepted the resignation of Dr. Adel Abdul Halim as Chairman of the Drug Holding  Company for pharmaceuticals, chemicals and medical supplies, one of the companies of the Ministry of Public Business Sector and Mohamed Wanis Mohamed Khalil was assigned as Chairman of the Drug Holding  Company, until the end of the current term of the Council in February 2018 .

Dr. Adel Abdel Halim had submitted his resignation to the Minister Today, Tuesday morning for special circumstances, the decision was introduced on the next General Assembly of the Drug  Holding Company for consideration of approval. The minister called on the new Chairman of the  Drug Holding Company to complete the work of the plan to develop the performance of the subsidiaries in the fields of pharmaceutical production, chemical industry, packaging, medical supplies, and pharmaceutical trade, to achieve the best results and increase the Market share of the subsidiaries in the drug market while maintaining their social role by providing the needs of citizens of medicines, especially the essential basic  ones at appropriate prices. It is noteworthy that Mohamed Wanis Mohamed Khalil was included in the positions until the degree of Undersecretary of the first Ministry and head of the technical office of the Central Auditing Organization, and joined the Board of Directors of the Drug Holding Company as a member Since 2013 so far.

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